Release your limitations and thrive!
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Do you want to unlock the limitations in your life?

Your fears, phobias, anxiety, depression and Panic attacks?

Are you searching to improve your health, happiness and success?

If your answer is yes, you’ve arrived at the right place. Your search is over.

"Hi, I’m Gary and for 31 years I've been involved in helping 1000’s of people, like you, feel better about themselves through a unique and gentle process called Conversational Release™. You can now enjoy the same results with my face to face and on-line sessions.

Because it’s a unique approach where no traditional therapy is involved you don’t have to go back into your past; it's just a very gentle, medication free way of releasing the tensions of your mind so you can begin to feel better and better as every day goes by simply by you and I having a conversation.

To find out how I can help you, just book your FREE 15 minute Discovery Session today"

" Dear Gary…the black empty hole that was pulling me down all the time has now disappeared and now I am able to face and enjoy life. Thank you for one of the most incredible gifts. "
" Well...what can I say Gary? AMAZING!! Not only have I not had a cigarette since my session, I haven't wanted one nor have I even thought about having one. There has been no craving and no withdrawal-type symptoms - It is very strange, feeling like you have NEVER smoked. "
" I couldn’t believe it could have been possible that weekend I went out and scored a hat-trick. It felt like I had taken the positive energy from our session and transferred it into my performance on the pitch. "
" Gary …YOU made the difference and Wow! What a fantastic day it was! The energy in the room was buzzing and I know this was in part down to the effort and enthusiasm YOU put into making your session an unforgettable experience. "
" Gary … once again very many thanks for conducting your ‘Winners Edge’ session for the Royal Navy Judo Squad, the players produced some of the best results of recent years, bringing back 1 Gold, 2 Silver and 8 bronze medals. "
" Gary … A quick note to say a BIG Thank You for last Thursday. The day was a great success, and voted by the team to be the best channel meeting we have ever had… we came out with one clear objective. "
" Gary...The feedback from my team was extremely positive and it was a session that will long live in their memories. I have recommended you to a number of my colleagues with WHSmith News and indeed friends outside. "
" I feel great inside; more confident, more relaxed, more vitality ... knowing that I can now do what I thought was impossible - also lost 10lbs too! "
" I must say a BIG THANK YOU Gary for one of the most wonderful, enjoyable and relaxing sessions I have experienced. I enjoyed two sleepwalking free nights (a first for me) and came to work feeling refreshed and ready. "
" I came off the call feeling confident and good about myself. Thank you for your help ... your enthusiasm and motivation enabled ME to take control of MY life and keep me focused. "
" Gary...with your help, Silver medal in the Nationals! I'm working hard and getting ready for the outdoor season - Thank You! "
" Gary, it has worked so far and cigarettes haven't even bothered me. Thank you very much. "
" Hello Gary, what a great day! On my journey home I felt so buoyant and could see a bright light at the end of the tunnel, where as before I was worried. "
" I shall be forever grateful for the 'life changing' sessions Gary. I am doing so much more with my life now that i would not have believed possible a few years ago. My interests have widened and I'm more confident. "
" Gary, I would like to take his opportunity to thank you for your help in assisting me to achieve my personal and career goals. "
" Gary, on behalf of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Dept at the Glenfield Hospital, I would like to say thank you for delivering the two (FREE) Stop Smoking sessions ... it is very much appreciated!!! "

Helping Clients Overcome Fears, phobias, anxiety, depression and panic attacks

When you attend your sessions with me, you’ll go through a thorough assessment of your thinking styles, your habitual patterns and the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Once you finally know why you do what you do AND more importantly know how to conquer those limiting thoughts and beliefs that have been preventing you from living the life you truly want in your personal, business and recreational activities, you'll be free!

You see, most people arrive here looking for solutions and maybe answers for why they feel the way they do and what can be done to help them overcome and be finally free from the shackles of depression, the intensity of anxiety, the painful grips of panic attacks, bad habits that control and reduce their enjoyment and the fear that holds them back.

Even a quick conversation could make all the difference for you.

Your next step … visit my on-line diary when you can choose the most convenient time and date for your free 15 minute Discovery Session where you’ll be introduced to my gentle but very effective approach where you and I can decide if this is right for you.

There’s no obligation for you and me; just 15 minutes of our time.

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