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Jun 18, 2020
Every now and then I come across an article or video that relates to confidence and how to build it. Check out what Jack Gaisford has to say
How to build confidence
Jun 6, 2020
I remember listening to this song many moons ago. A Christian friend of mine was impressed with the work I was doing to help people thrive from feelings of anxiety and stress to joy and confidence...
Casting Crowns - Thrive
Jun 4, 2020
Social anxiety and social phobia are the two most controlling 'phobias' that exist today. They typically manifest themselves as the 'being judged by others' syndrome that often prevents people...
How to overcome social anxiety and social phobia
Jun 4, 2020
Sometimes you see something and think 'that's what I want!' And that's exactly what happened when Anthony from 10 second songs popped up in my browser when I was looking for something unique to...
How to Thrive - My Fun Video Advert with bloopers

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