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About me

Thrive with gary foster FULL headshotHi, it’s Gary Foster MIAEBP here and thanks for dropping by. Straight from the start I’d like to be up front with you. You see, unlike most therapists, I didn’t have a life changing experience that attracted me to becoming a therapist – you know the sort, the ones’ who had a terrible condition, went to see a therapist and their life was changed forever.

Now I know that happens and part of me would have liked it to happen to me too, however my journey into becoming a full time behaviour specialist started with a car ride to Wales. I was travelling to meet a client in early 1988 when I looked across and spotted a beautiful hillside illuminated by the rising sun when a thought 'popped into my mind', let me explain.

I’d been reading two books: One called ‘The Games People Play’ (a classic) and another classic...‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’.


Judo record holder Gary Foster ThrowingBecause a manager, called Mark had suggested I needed to boost my PMA – a totally new concept for me at the time. PMA standing for Positive Mental Attitude ... he suggested it would help develop my career. Little did he know how BIG that one suggestion would be for me and how life changing it would become.

Back to my car journey. What 'popped into my mind' was how I enjoyed helping people succeed with problems; my work at the time was involved in technical management … so I decided at that point to find out more about this positive thinking stuff and to see whether I could improve my own life as well as others and these two books really did get me to look at things from a completely different perspective.

Around that same time I’d taken over the running of a local judo club (this was a sport I had excelled in, got my black belt and broke 2 World Records) and guessed that bringing a more positive mind set into the coaching sessions would make sense too, so I decided to explore training possibilities.

Not that *easy, however ...

Eventually I found an advert for a hypnotherapy training course in the Daily Mail – *remember back in the late 80’s there was no internet! And on answering it I was impressed with the literature sent to me along with heaps of testimonials from delighted clients who had gone through the hypnotherapy as described in the trainings by a well-known therapist called Neil French.

Fast forward 1 year later and in 1989 I passed my exam and gained my hypnotherapy diploma. Since then I have attended numerous workshops and seminars to update and upgrade my skills in the field of hypnosis, hypnotherapy, psychology and human behaviour to help people overcome their fears, phobias, depression, panic attacks and anxiety. I've worked with 1,000's of clients over the years, refining my own unique method which has been tried and tested to be highly effective.

What do I do for fun?

As my competitive judo days are now behind me, what lies in front of me is the fun of learning how to shoot arrows – I love archery and I’ve also started to learn to play the Uke – you see what I suggest to clients is it’s good to stretch yourself on a regular basis so you can soak up the beauty of life and expand your mind in a myriad of different directions.

Gary Foster enjoying a latteBy the way I love coffee and you may often find me in a coffee shop enjoying a latte, especially if they have free Wi-Fi … in fact I have had many ‘coaching meetings’ with clients at my ‘Coffee with Gary’ sessions – even on-line sessions can be supplemented with a good mug of coffee!

So, there you are, an insight into me and why I do what I do, my passions and what I think I can bring to your sessions when I work with you … to find out more and have a coffee with me (on-line!) just click on the FREE 15 minute Consultation button below now…




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