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About you

You may have tried many different approaches before you visited my website today, or maybe this is your first ‘look-see’ as to what is available to help you become more of the person you want to be.You might have been experiencing bouts of feeling low and worried and then at other times the highs of feeling great and at one with yourself?

Because you are uniquely you there isn’t a ‘one-size fits all’ approach to helping you feel better about your life;  instead you can finally understand why the ‘you inside of you’ has been controlling your responses, feelings and attitudes and more importantly you’ll discover how to use you new found knowledge to apply a method that gently helps you feel good about you without medication or therapy.

And it’s all based around you and want you want to do, be and have in your life.

You see, because I've worked with 1,000's of clients over the past 31 years there are many problems they have presented to me which have limited the quality of their lives … by going through my unique methods they find it easy to overcome their problems. You’ll find a few of them listed below. By the way, if your particular problem isn't there, please don't worry - I've possibly helped someone with something very similar as most 'problems' have the same three causes associated with them which you’ll find out when we go through your free discovery session.

Anxiety (social anxiety)


Anorexia (Eating disorder)

Agoraphobia (Fear of open spaces)

Bed Wetting (Can affect children and adults!)

Bird Phobia (ornithophobia) (Also like butterfly/moth phobias)

Blushing (Often linked to social anxiety)

Bulimia (Eating disorder)

Business stress

Button Phobia


Choking (Linked to emetophobia)

Claustrophobia (Fear of enclosed spaces)


Confidence (Including self-esteem issues)

Cutting (self harm)

Dental Fears


Exam nerves







Low self-esteem

Medical Fears


Nail Biting

Nervous Conditions



Premature Ejaculation

Pregnancy & Labour

Public Speaking

Relax and de-stress

Self Harm

Sexual problems

Sex drive

Shy bladder




Sports Performance

Stuttering & Stammering


Stress Management

Teeth Grinding (bruxism)


To find out more and have a virtual coffee with me just click on the button below now to arrange your free, 15 minute Discovery Session where you’ll find out for the very first time the ‘real cause’ of your problem and the gentle and easy way it can be overcome…

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