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So, what is Thrive with Gary?

“I help People Free Themselves from Anxiety, Depression and Panic Attacks and Become Free From Un-Helpful Habits Such as Smoking and Overeating... Without Therapy or Medication!”

Gary Foster talking with clientIt’s based on Conversational Release™ and is your ticket to help you change your life, for the better. You’ll discover how your mind really works. What makes you tick. What drives your behaviours you like and dislike and more importantly how to change yourself without expensive therapy or medication. You can live a happier, successful, and positive life in your personal, business or sporting endeavours.

You see, when you genuinely understand how your mind works, you’ll feel much more in control and empowered to do the things you were born to do. It has been said that ‘all you need to succeed’ is already within you. When I work with you, you’ll begin to find out that most of your problems are either caused or made worse by badly-managed thinking … realization of this will help you understand with clarity and confidence this; because you created these problems, you can change them. And you will discover an easy way to change them through the power of conversational release.

So, what is conversational release?

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It’s a process I have developed having spent 31 years studying and applying the latest, cutting edge psychological approaches to help people release the tensions of their minds through the power of gentle conversations. The key thing that matters is we are not born with our minds pre-programmed for the anxieties, concerns, and worries we carry around with us. In fact, you know there would have been a time before your problems reared their ugly heads when you felt good. Maybe even great?

However, as time goes by, your mind will pick up thoughts that become converted to feelings which lodged themselves within the memory banks of your mind especially if attached with a high level of emotion. By using a conversational approach, you’ll get to realise what’s been holding you back and by releasing the hold these thoughts, values and beliefs have had on you and your mind you can begin to strive and thrive effortlessly.

The sessions you will go through with me, either on-line or face to face are easy to understand and highly effective, all that’s required is 100% effort and commitment from you and your investment in the Conversational Release programme is only £497.

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